Lock Down Combo #1
Fresh Water Crayfish 1.5kg, Cured pork and Sausage 500g, Beef Shin Shank 1.3kg-1.45kg, Beef Short Ribs Chinese Cut 1kg, Wagyu tail 1kg, Yellow Croaker 800g, Beef Aorta 1kg, Goodchow Fruit Juice 4 bottles, 週末美味蛋白質、維生素套餐來啦!液氮速凍小龍蝦淨重1.5kg,尚膳臘味混合裝500g(臘肉臘腸各半),牛腱子1.3kg左右,牛小排1kg,牛尾一公斤,野生小黃魚800g一袋,牛黃喉1kg,尚膳果汁四瓶。北島$218零接觸送到家。
NZ$ 218.00 including GST
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