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  • Foodies' Favourite Combo #2
    Here are some of our best selling sauces perfect as gifts for your foodie friends and family (and yourself)!!

    #2: Aromatic Chili Oil *2, First Brew Soy Syrup*2
    NZ$ 35.65
    NZ$ 33.04
    NZ$ 38.00 incl GST
  • PAUA XO SAUCE 200ml*6
    NZ$ 234.78
    NZ$ 206.96
    NZ$ 238.00 incl GST
  • Oyster Sauce Combo
    NZ$ 58.78
    NZ$ 57.39
    NZ$ 66.00 incl GST
  • Year of Tiger Gift Box
    Paua XO Sauce 200ml, Good Chow Wagyu Sauce or Fish Roe Sauce, Chilli oil, Soy dipping syrup or Pork Fat. Boneless Chinese Style Fermented Ham 250g, Soy Dipping sauce 200ml.
    NZ$ 120.87
    NZ$ 139.00 incl GST
  • Premium Chinese Ham & Sauce Combo #2
    Boneless Chinese Ham 250g*3, Paua XO Sauce 100ml, Soy Dipping Sauce 200ml
    NZ$ 120.00
    NZ$ 138.00 incl GST
  • Premium Dried Seafood & Ham Combo
    Chinese Ham Boneless 250g*2,Dired Cuttle Fish 500g,Dried Scallop 300g,Dried Shrimp 300g,Paua XO Sauce 100ml,Soy Dipping Sauce 200ml,Premium Good Chow Oyster Sauce 260g
    NZ$ 280.00
    NZ$ 259.13
    NZ$ 298.00 incl GST
  • CNY 2023 Mixed Cured Meat Combo
    Free Freight!
    Mixed Cured Pork and Sausages 380g *4
    Oyster Sauce (45% Caramelised Oyster Juice) 260g
    First Brew Soy Dipping Sauce 200ml
    NZ$ 97.39 Ea
    NZ$ 86.95 Ea
    NZ$ 99.99 incl GST
  • Good chow family bucket

    NZ$ 146.09
    NZ$ 168.00 incl GST
    Buy 24x200ml First Brew Soy Dipping Sauce

    4x260ml Premium Oyster Sauce Free!
    NZ$ 100.00
    NZ$ 115.00 incl GST
  • NZ Made Premium Soy Combo
    Premium NZ Made soy sauce combo with NZ free farmed pork lard.
    NZ$ 44.17
    NZ$ 50.80 incl GST
  • Wagyu Combo April #01
    牡蛎肉 2kg
    肋条 1.5kg
    猪手 2kg
    万用酱汁 200ml
    龙虾丸 400g
    花枝丸 300g
    NZ$ 137.39
    NZ$ 158.00 incl GST
  • Wagyu Combo March #01
    NZ$ 146.09
    NZ$ 168.00 incl GST
  • Wagyu Combo March #02
    NZ$ 128.70
    NZ$ 148.00 incl GST
  • cured meat combo march #2
    混合装腊味 380g *3
    万用酱汁200ml *2
    猪油200ml *1
    NZ$ 86.95
    NZ$ 99.99 incl GST
  • 一塊和牛牡蠣肉1.8-2kg,一份混合臘肉,一袋羊腿肉丁,蠔油、頭抽、萬用醬汁
    NZ$ 146.09
    NZ$ 168.00 incl GST
  • wagyu combo April #02
    牡蛎肉 2kg
    肋条 1.5kg
    万用酱汁 200ml
    蚝油 260g
    龙虾丸 400g
    花枝丸 300g
    榴莲 375g
    NZ$ 154.78
    NZ$ 178.00 incl GST
  • April Combo #1
    NZ$ 139.13
    NZ$ 160.00 incl GST

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